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Colorado Front Range Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Being arrested and charged with a crime is likely to be a stressful, confusing, and frightening experience. Individuals in this situation may wish to exercise their right to an attorney and contact a Front Range criminal lawyer as quickly as possible. You should not hesitate to get the legal advice that you may need following an arrest or when involved in any police investigation or questioning.

Failing to get legal advice early could jeopardize both your constitutionally protected rights, but also the way a lawyer would defend your case.  Having a criminal defense lawyer at your side from the outset of any criminal proceedings will be instrumental to your ability to successfully defend yourself against criminal charges. When in doubt, don’t talk it out, stay silent!

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Criminal Defense

Whether it be a minor traffic ticket or a major felony, the partners at Nicol Gersch Law are here to help. Even if you are suspected of being involved in a crime, you should know you have the right to an attorney at all stages of proceedings, including before criminal charges are filed. Being charged with a crime is scary and that is why Jenn & Justie are here to help!

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DUI, DWAI, and Traffic

DUI, DWAI, and Traffic Cases involve much more than going to court to represent yourself. Nicol Gersch Law Office, LLC can represent you in the criminal matter AND assist with Department of Motor Vehicle/ DMV hearings and appeals!

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Domestic Violence

Colorado law allows for people to be charged with crimes as an act of domestic violence if it is found that 1. the person charged was in an intimate relationship with the victim of the crime; AND 2. that person’s behavior was on a spectrum ranging from harassing up to violent against the victim of the crime. If you have been charged with a crime as an act of domestic violence, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney right away to learn your rights. Domestic violence convictions in Colorado can have serious impacts on your life and future. Call Justie or Jenn right away and we can discuss your options!

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Post-Conviction Representation

Even after your case has been resolved, you may still have questions about your right to either appeal a case or seal your record. You may even have issues or questions about how your case was handled during the pre-trial and trial stages. If you have post-conviction questions, Jenn & Justie are here to help!

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Let Justie and Jenn Get Justice For You Today!

Justie Nicol


Colorado State University

University of Denver Sturm College of Law

  • Board Member Homeless Gear Inc
  • Fellow Institute for Human Animal Connection (University of Denver)
  • Campus West Merchant's Association Board of Directors, Treasurer
  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
Work Experience
  • Owner (Nicol Law Offices, LLC)
  • Deputy District Attorney (18th Judicial District)
  • Contract Attorney (ACLU of Idaho)
  • Associate Bankruptcy and Tax Attorney (Martelle, Bratton and Associates)
  • Contract Appellate Judge (Idaho Industrial Commission)
  • Associate Attorney (Ritsema & Lyon)

Jenn Gersch


University of Denver

University of Denver Sturm College of Law

  • Colorado Appellate Division and Trial Division of the Alternate Defense Counsel
  • Sotomayor Inn of Court
  • National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40
  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
  • Licensed to Practice in Arizona
  • Mentor for Young Lawyers through Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program
Work Experience
  • Owner (Corkadel & Schneider LLC)
  • Attorney (Highlands Ranch Law Center)
  • Attorney (Sawaya Law Firm)
  • Deputy District Attorney (19th Judicial District Office of the District Attorney)

Advantages to Legal Representation
in the Colorado Front Range

An experienced Front Range criminal lawyer will be able to review the charges and determine the best course of action for your unique situation. Nicol Gersch Law attorneys are able to:

  • Investigate the facts and circumstances that led to criminal charges
  • Interview witnesses, view all evidence including all police reports, photos, and officer body cams
  • Evaluate the evidence supporting the allegations of illegal activity and attack the validity of an officer investigation if done improperly or in violation of your constitutional rights
  • Develop a solid defense strategy specifically tailored to the facts of your case and individual needs

In addition, our attorneys are regularly able to get clients released from jail on their own recognizance, released after posting a reduced amount of bail, and ultimately serve less jail time. Unrepresented defendants have fewer opportunities to challenge the charges against them, less likelihood of getting out of jail in advance of trial, and less chance of reaching a favorable resolution to their cases in the end.

Enlist the Help of a Front Range Criminal Attorney Today

Criminal charges can have extremely harsh penalties and consequences.

Various legal defenses may apply to your situation, and working with legal counsel will allow you to develop a comprehensive defense strategy that is truly focused on what is best for you. If you are facing criminal charges, you should contact an experienced Colorado Front Range criminal lawyer right away for advice. We make it easy for people to start getting legal help—just answer a few questions and then calendar an appointment with one of our highly experienced attorneys for a free thirty-minute phone call. Remote offices are available by appointment.

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Check out LAWsome’s new podcast, The DIY Law Firm, featuring Justie Nicol! Justie dives into the latest tech strategies and products which have helped scale her law practice and maintain affordable services for her clients. In this episode, Justie covers how to personalize legal technology to work for a firm regardless of size. She also speaks on tech solutions addressing issues our criminal justice system fails to address, such as mental health and how legal technology has helped her overcome obstacles she faces as a female in the male-centric field of criminal justice law.

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